Parenting Through The Pandemic

Facebook support group, interviews with Local Resource Persons

A Facebook prayer/support group for parents can be found here. Also, recent interviews with parenting resource persons in the area can be found here, on the topics of faith/motivationanxiety/depression, and opposition/defiance, and sibling conflict/power struggles. Short clips are also available on these topics: 

Quick Parenting Guides: 

Anxiety and Depression–the Family Connection (Katherina Terhune, PhD)
Meeting Our Children Where They Are (Ellen Martin, MDiv, MA)
Oppositional and Defiant Behavior (Lesley Iwinski, MD)
Finding Better Outcomes in Parenting Conflicts (Allan Allday, PhD)
Presuming the Best about Our Children’s Behavior (Lesley Iwinski, MD)
How Our Familes Form Our Faith (Ellen Martin, MDiv, MA)
Practical Tools for Anxiety and Depression (Katherina Terhune, PhD)
Medication for Depression and Anxiety (Katherina Terhune, PhD)
Sibling Conflicts and the Gift of “Power Up” (Ellen Martin, MDiv, MA)
How Change Begins with Ourselves (Allan Allday, PhD)
Community resources, websites, and apps for parents (Katie Terhune, PhD)
Tools for Managing Sibling Conflict (Lesley Iwinski, MD)
Self-care for Single Parents (Lesley Iwinski, MD)