Reporting Sexual Abuse

The Diocese of Lexington, Kentucky and its Bishop, John Stowe, OFM Conv. encourages all victims who have been abused by a priest, a deacon, or an employee of the diocese to bring forth any instances of sexual abuse to the appropriate persons.

You should report any current or past occurrences of sexual abuse to the Victims Assistance Coordinator.

Bishop Stowe has appointed Laura Napora, LCSW as the Victims Assistance Coordinator for the Diocese of Lexington. Ms. Napora may be contacted by telephone at 859-338-5695 or by email at or by mail to 1310 West Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky 40508.

The Diocese of Lexington pledges to do all it can to assist any victim of child sexual abuse by a cleric or lay employee by providing the necessary assistance for healing of mind, spirit, and body.

In response to the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young Peopleimplemented by the USCCB in 2002, the Diocese of Lexington strives to provide a safe environment for all children and vulnerable adults within our parishes, schools and diocesan apostolates.  The Code of Conduct and on-going education is provided to clergy, employees, parents and children to raise awareness of warning signs that may indicate inappropriate behavior and abuse.

In addition to prevention education, the Diocese of Lexington stands ready to assist any victim of child sexual abuse by a cleric or lay employee by providing the necessary assistance for healing of mind, spirit and body.

La Diócesis de Lexington, Kentucky y su obispo John Stowe hace un llamado a todas las víctimas que han sido abusadas por un sacerdote, diácono o empleado de la diócesis para que denuncien el abuso sexual a las personas indicadas.

Ud. debe reportar cualquier abuso sexual en el presente o pasado al Coordinador de Ayuda para Víctimas.
El Sr. Obispo John Stowe ha encargado a la Srita. Laura Napora como la Coordinadora de Ayuda a Víctimas para la Diócesis de Lexington. La Srita Napora puede ser contactada por teléfono al (859) 338-5695 o por e-mail en
La Diócesis de Lexington se compromete a hacer todo lo posible para ayudar a cualquier víctima de abuso sexual infantil causada por un miembro del clero o empleado laico proveyendo la ayuda necesaria en mente, espíritu y cuerpo. Le invitamos a que nos contacte si Ud. necesita ayuda con respecto al abuso sexual.

En respuesta a la Carta para la Protección de Niños y Jóvenes implementada por la USCCB (Conferencia de Obispos Católicos de los EE.UU) en el 2002, la Diócesis de Lexington se esfuerza por proporcionar un entorno seguro para todos los niños y adultos vulnerables dentro de nuestras parroquias, escuelas y apostolados diocesanos. El Código de Conducta y la educación continua se proporcionan a los clérigos, empleados, padres y niños para promover conciencia sobre señales de advertencia que pueden indicar comportamientos inadecuados y abuso.

Además de la educación preventiva, la Diócesis de Lexington está lista para ayudar a cualquier víctima  de abuso sexual por parte de un clérigo o empleado laico proporcionándole la asistencia necesaria para la curación de la mente, el espíritu y el cuerpo.

CMG Connect

What is CMG connect?

Catholic Mutual Group has served as a major insurer to the Catholic Church for over 125 years.  CMG’s unparalleled experience working with over 20,000 locations has given them a clear historical advantage of risk management trends and intervention.  Out of their commitment to the Church’s mission Catholic Mutual Group has developed a new program interfaced through CMG connect.

CMG connect is a new web-base platform that will assist us to ensure that all employees and volunteers who are in a position of trust with children and vulnerable adults within our schools and parishes are trained to recognize behavior patterns of potential abusers and provide pro-active measures for preventing abuse in any context.

“Safe Haven-It’s Up to You” is a three part video which provides vignettes of real-life situations to educate the viewer about methods of grooming, desensitization, bullying and neglect, all of which can lead to abuse.  Each part of the video is immediately followed by a brief questionnaire to further develop understanding.
In addition to the “Safe Haven-It’s Up to You” video, CMG connect will provide a streamlined screening process for employees and volunteers by use of a secure on-line background check and electronic signatures on our diocesan Code of Conduct documents.

Mandatory Reporting

Kentucky Revised Statute 620.030
Any person who knows or has reasonable cause to believe that a child is dependent, neglected, or abused shall immediately cause an oral or written report to be made to a local law enforcement agency or to the Department of Kentucky State Police, the cabinet or its designated representative, the Commonwealth’s attorney, or the county attorney by telephone or otherwise. Any supervisor who receives from an employee a report of suspected dependency, neglect, or abuse shall promptly make a report to the proper authorities for investigation. If the cabinet receives a report of abuse or neglect allegedly committed by a person other than a parent, guardian, fictive kin, person in a position of authority, person in a position of special trust, or person exercising custodial control or supervision, the cabinet shall refer the matter to the Commonwealth’s attorney or the county attorney and the local law enforcement agency or the Department of Kentucky State Police. Nothing in this section shall relieve individuals of their obligations to report.