Diocesan Coat of Arms

Catholic Diocese of Lexington Coat of Arms

The arms of the Diocese of Lexington are composed of three sections that are in the traditional colors of the United Sates, red, white (silver) and blue.  The left side of these arms is red on which is displayed a silver sword of St. Paul, the patron of the Diocese of Covington.  The right side of these arms is silver (white) on which is seen a blue fleur-de-lis of the Archdiocese of Louisville.  These two fields signify that the Diocese of Lexington is carved from territory taken from each of these sees.  The bottom of these arms, which comes to a point to represent the mountains of eastern Kentucky, is blue to signify Kentucky, “The Bluegrass State”.  On this field is a Gold diadem placed on a silver cross to honor Christ, the King, titular of the Cathedral-Church in Lexington.