Secretariat for Pastoral Life

The Secretariat for Pastoral Life is charged with creating an environment conducive to the evangelization and faith formation of the Catholic population. The Secretariat partners with parish leadership to awaken, foster, and empower communities of disciples to embody their baptismal identity and call through conferences, retreats, training programs, publications, and on-site collaboration with parish and school leadership.

The Bishop’s Delegate for Administration oversees the Human Resources Office and assists the Bishop with administrative matters.

The Pastoral Life Office is located at 1310 W Main St, Lexington, KY 40508. The phone number is 859-253-1993.



Catechesis and Faith Formation

Hispanic Ministry

Human Resources Office

Marriage and Family Llife

Prison Ministry

Respect Life

Worship Office

Youth, Young Adult & Campus Ministries

Pastoral Council Handbook

Evangelization Commisssion

Relations between Councils

Calvary Cemetery

Catholic Men, Servant Leaders


Contact Us:

Doug Culp

Secretary for Pastoral Life & Bishop’s Delegate for Administration

859-253-1993 ext. 1003


Mike Allen

Director of Family Life & Evangelization

859-253-1993 ext. 1009


Currently vacant

Director of Youth, Young Adult & Campus Ministry

859-253-1993 ext. 1008


Deacon James Bennett

Missionary: Hispanic Ministry



Maria Cambray




Deacon Eduardo Fortini

Hispanic Ministry Coordinator

859-253-1993 ext. 1006


Claudia Green

Administrative Coordinator

859-253-1993 ext. 1004


Kathy Massey

Payroll Manager

859-253-1993 ext 1014


Deacon Paul “Skip” Olson

Publications and Digital Content Coordinator/Associate Editor

859-253-1993 ext. 1005


Ministry for Persons with Disabilities



Karen Rood

Director of Worship/Liturgy

859-253-1993 ext. 1010


Peggy Sheiko

Respect Life Coordinator

859-253-1993 ext. 1011


Rod Stearn

Director of Catechesis & Faith Formation

859-253-1993 ext. 1007


Josh Van Cleef

Peace & Justice Director



Jordan Vice

Director for Human Resources

859-253-1993 ext 1012


Greg Hodge

Benefits Manager

859-253-1993 ext 1013