Charismatic Renewal

What Is the Renewal?

The worldwide Catholic Charismatic Renewal is an invitation to recognize that New Testament life in the Holy Spirit can be a norm for every faithful Roman Catholic today. The experience of the first followers of Jesus was that they were empowered by God through the Holy Spirit to live a new kind of life. A life where God’s power worked in them and through them to bring God’s love and grace to all who would receive it.

The Presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives calls us:

  • to union with the Pope, the successor of St. Peter, and our bishops
  • to fidelity to the seven Sacraments
  • to a deeper appreciation of God’s Word
  • to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit for the building up of the Church
  • to evangelize by proclaiming His Good News in both words and actions



A Comprehensive Charge by Pope Francis to the Renewal

The Birth of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Services (CHARIS) and its Importance for Catholic Charismatic Renewal
Cardinal Kevin Farrell


Healing Testimonies

Praise Report:  In 2019 I was diagnosed with lung cancer. The doctors removed 1/3 of my right lung with no further treatment. Several months later there was another spot located on what remained of the same lung. In June 2020, four women from our diocese prayed for me in the parking lot of Saint Peter Claver. When I went back for my cat scan, that 2nd spot was gone.  Praise God!

~submitted by Nita Clarke