Marriage Preparation Process

Marriage Preparation Process and Classes


“Marriage preparation should be a kind of ‘initiation’ to the sacrament of matrimony, providing couples with the help they need to receive the sacrament worthily and to make asolid beginning of life as a family “

These words of Pope Francis, from his encyclical The Joy of Love, reflect the concern that the Catholic Church has for marriage, especially in light of contemporary cultural influences that sometimes undermine marriage. It is for this reason that we require all engaged couples to invest time and energy in an intentional program of marriage preparation.

Marriage preparation in the Diocese of Lexington involves the following five step process, preferably in this order (for a graphic of the process, see the brochure below).

1. At least six months before the desired wedding date, couples should make initial contact with the parish, and then schedule a meeting with the priest or deacon who is witnessing the marriage.  The priest or deacon will direct couples toward the other phases of the process, and will likely lead them through FOCCUS, a pre-marital survey designed to help couples indicate strength and growth areas in their relationship.

2. Attend a “God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage” seminar (see brochure below or register here) in which couples will gain a better understanding of the nature of Christian marriage.

3. Complete the Married Life component (see brochure below) by taking the self-paced Married Life course (register at this link), or by meeting with a married Sponsor Couple from the parish (contact Mike Allen at if you prefer this option). This will help couples better understand the daily opportunities and challenges of married life, and the virtue and skills needed for living it.

Hispanic Family With Baby4. Complete a full course in Natural Family Planning (see brochure below or read more at this link) in which couples can learn more information about living married sexuality without contraceptives, in away that honors and respects the deepest meaning of marital love.

5. Schedule a follow-up meeting with the priest/deacon witnessing the marriage in order to review the experience of marriage preparation and to make final determinations regarding the wedding service and liturgy.