Diocesan Annual Appeal

2021 Diocesan Annual Appeal

The Diocese of Lexington’s Annual Appeal is a visible expression of our unity as the Body of Christ.  Each donation to the fund is a sign that we believe in the Gospel message to “love one another as I have loved you” [John 15:12]. It is an affirmation of our belief that “faith without works is useless” [James 2:20].  It demonstrates that we believe that whatever you do to others, you do to Jesus.

Gifts to the Diocesan Annual Appeal fund are distributed via a grant process, and provides vital support for parishes, missions of parishes, Catholic schools, outreach ministries and diocesan-wide programming.  The areas receiving funding are transforming lives of Catholics and other members in our community through acts of service and we need your help.

We are still in a time of great uncertainty but the one thing we do know that we share a unity and communion that makes us One in Christ.  We are unified in our commitment to serve all churches and communities in our 50 counties, spanning from the Bluegrass to Appalachia.  As brothers and sisters, we walk alongside those in need and provide many avenues of care.

Please prayerfully consider sharing your blessings with others in our region who need it most.  Your generous offering enhances our ability to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of persons who are vulnerable and in need.


We are one Body, united in Christ.