Youth Ministry Manual

Youth Ministry plays an important role by keeping kids connected to their faith and encouraging continued involvement and participation in the Catholic Church. Youth Ministry programs also create liability exposures for the Church and efforts should be made to provide proper guidance and instruction to help keep the programs safe for all involved.

In an effort to reduce the chance of loss in this area, Catholic Mutual Group has developed an online training course titled Youth Ministry – Everything Matters and Everyone Has a Role. All individuals involved in your Youth Ministry program, including youth participants and their parents/guardians, are recommended to view this training. The training module takes less than 20 minutes to complete and there are no fees associated with the use of this course.
In addition to the online training, a Youth Ministry Manual, Quick Guide, Poster, and Brochure are available to assist with implementing a Youth Ministry risk management program at your location. The brochure includes instructions for accessing the online training. These materials are also available on Catholic Mutual’s website After entering your login information, click on Risk Management and then click on Youth Ministry.
If you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact the Risk Management Department at Catholic Mutual 1-800-228-6108.