The Commission on African American Catholic Concerns

The Commission on African American Catholic Concerns (CAACC) serves the Diocese of Lexington by celebrating/promoting the African American Catholic experience and engaging the faithful on issues related to equality, diversity, and culture.

Commission on African American Catholic Concerns Mission Statement:

To recognize and acknowledge the affirmation of the identity, relationship and mission of the African American Catholic community within the Church by encouraging the active participation of the African American Community in parish life. To strive to be catalysts for heightening the level of awareness of the gifts of the African American Community and the resources of the Church for the common promotion of all ministries that affect Church life.

To promote, facilitate and/or communicate the deep and meaningful contribution the African American Community has to offer the Church, by becoming active in the ministries and ministerial formation/development process that flow from Diocesan structures and parish communities.

To recognize the needs of the Church and the beautiful gifts that African American people have to offer, as the resources the Church can draw on to continue in Christ’s prolific example.


Commission Chair: Christina Weathers at