Standards Pacing Guides

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Our dedicated teachers have set aside four half days throughout the school year to work with other colleagues throughout the Diocese of Lexington to build constructive pacing guides that support every classroom where plans are developed to ensure the best educational practices occur to support student growth and development. The goal of these pacing guides is to emphasize curriculum guidance instead of prescriptive pacing; these guides focus on central ideas and provide links to exemplary curriculum materials, lessons, and instructional strategies.

Guides like these embody what highly skilled teachers do when they plan their curriculum for the year: by putting topics in a sensible order, determine what resources to support learning objectives, and develop a sensible timeframe.

The constructive pacing guides created by teachers across the Diocese of Lexington are meant to support differentiated teaching strategies needed to meet all student needs within various school contexts. They are a living guide that may adjust expectations through revisions based on input from teachers.