Religious Formation Classes

Since the Dallas Charter was implemented by the USCCB in 2002, every diocese in the United States has been required to provide on-going safe environment training for our priests, deacons, religious, adults and children of our parishes. The Diocese of Lexington undergoes an audit by the USCCB yearly to assure compliance with the directives.

We ask that you select one Sunday to be designated for Safe Environment training in all Religious Formation classrooms.

Beginning the Fall 2016-2017 school year, the Diocese of Lexington has adopted the Archdiocese of Omaha’s Safe Environment program entitled “Circle of Grace” to be used in K-8 Religious Formation classes.

The “Circle of Grace” program helps children gain a greater understanding of their own sacredness as well as that of others and how to seek help through their relationships with trusted adults.

The program available in English and Spanish defines the “Circle of Grace” as being the love and goodness of God that surrounds us at all times and helps us through difficult situations.  Using age appropriate materials, the program builds each year to help the children gain a greater understanding of their individual relationships with God and the important life skills necessary for healthy relationships with others.

Parishes that have high school students participating in Religious Formation classes will use the same lesson plans as in previous years.  If your parish participates in LifeTeen or a similiar program that provides Safe Environment training, you may also use that program to meet this requirement for high school students only.

Your cooperation with this mandatory program is essential to equip our parents and children with necessary knowledge and skills to ensure a safe environment wherever they may be. Together, we can work to ensure their future.

“Circle of Grace” materials are available by contacting the Chancellor’s Office at 859-253-1993 ext. 249 or by emailing Karen Abbey.