Papal Blessings and Audiences

Papal Blessings

You may order a Papal Blessing to commemorate a sacramental celebration such as a baptism, ordination, marriage or anniversary. When requesting, please provide complete and accurate information pertaining to the celebration including names, date of the event, parish and city. Papal Blessings are beautifully hand-scribed on parchment paper and signed by the Pope. Please place orders through the Chancellor’s Office 6-8 weeks in advance of the desired delivery date.

Papal Audience

How do I request tickets for a Papal Audience?
Call the Chancellor’s Office at (859)253-1993 ext. 249 at least 2 weeks prior to your trip to Rome. General Audiences are available on Wednesdays when the Holy Father is in Rome. Please provide the date of your visit and the names of all persons wishing tickets. A request will be faxed to the Vatican for tickets however ticket confirmations are not guaranteed.Where do I get my tickets?

For participation in the Holy Father’s Wednesday General Papal Audiences, biglietti, or ticket invitations, are issued by the Vatican the morning prior to the Audience and can be picked up here at our Office on Via dell’Umilta, 30, on Tuesday afternoons prior to the Audience, between 3pm and 7pm (in emergency, on Wednesday mornings after 7am). Ticket invitations for the Papal Masses, if held on a Sunday, are usually available by the Thursday or Friday prior to the Mass (in emergency, Saturday morning or Sunday en route to the Mass). It is not possible for tickets to be delivered. When you come to pick up your tickets, we are happy to give you a brief introduction to the Papal event and answer any questions you may have about it, including location, time, length, and nature.
We try to honor all requests. Ticket invitations are gratis, a gift of the Holy Father, and there is no charge for our service.
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