Married Life Course

Below are the links to each of the video sessions (i.e. chapters) for the Life Skills for Couples book. Once you’ve completed watching the videos, while following along with your workbook and “Our Joy-Filled Marriage” journal, please send an email to Mike Allen at with your written answers to these questions:

1. Of the virtues mentioned in the class,  which ones are strongest in your relationship right now, and which ones need the most growth?
2. What is, at least for now, your marital mission statement?
3. How are your love styles similar or different, and how will they will impact your marriage?
4. In the session on “Resolving Conflict,” which “fair fighting” rules did you find most helpful and why?
5. What did you as a couple identify as your five precious stones, and why?
6. How is your faith (for one or both of you) going to be a source of help in marriage? How might faith be a potential source of conflict and, if so, how do you hope to work through that together?

These responses will be viewed only by Mike and the couple he connects you with to have your wrap-up 30 minute Zoom session. Once your wrap-up session is complete, you will receive a digital certificate for your participation. You can call Mike Allen at (859) 619-8440 if you have questions or difficulties.