Catechist Certification

Welcome to the Catechist Certification page!  This is your one stop shopping for all things certification.  At present the Diocese allows catechists to certify under two systems.  The newer, and preferred, system is conducted in partnership with Aquinas College and the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia's (a.k.a. the "Nashville Dominicans").  If you began your work as a catechist in the Diocese after 5/1/13, you are required to participate in this new system.  An overview and forms can be found in the box at the left of your screen.

Starting this fall, the Diocese is pleased to present the same Catechist Certification Program in Spanish.  Dates and venues for the two programs are as follows for the 2015-2016 year:

English Language Program
Orientation: 8/15/15, 8:30am-11:30am at SPPS theater.  No charge (but also no lunch).
Day 3: 10/24/15, 9am-3ish pm at Lexington Catholic auditorium.  $10 (but with lunch).
Day 4: 4/16/16, 9am-3ish pm at CTK, Hehman Hall.  $10 (but with lunch).
Spanish Language Program
Orientation: TBA
Day 1: TBA
Day 2: TBA

If you are a catechetical leader looking to submit reflection papers under the guidelines of the new system, please mail them to:

Aquinas College Office of Catechetics
4210 Harding Pike
Nashville, TN 37205

If you are fulfilling your certification under the old system, please consult with your local catechetical leader for details.