Ethics Point

Catholic Diocese of Lexington Partners with Ethics Point ™

Promoting Ethical Stewardship

Ethics Point™ has been a partner of the Diocese supporting ethical practices and compliance for several years. Recent reviews and queries indicate that familiarity and purpose of Ethics Point™ has diminished across the Diocese. Through March 2012, we will be re-launching this partnership with increased publicity and information. Ethics Point™ has two primary fronts: Foster an Ethical Environment - Policies and procedures and human resource best practices need to be supported by a safe, open, transparent system for reporting violations. When employees trust management and see that there is a consistent and timely response to their issues, they are more productive and less likely to violate the code of conduct or voluntarily terminate. Ensure Regulatory Compliance - Despite employees’ best intentions, there is always risk that a governmental mandate won’t be followed to the letter of the law. How we identify and respond to these situations dictates the level of operational and reputational risk to which the Diocese is exposed.

The stance Bishop Stowe our Pastors, and the Secretariat Leadership has taken on ethical issues, such as financial fraud, dishonesty and unethical behavior, is spelled out in policies and procedures and acted upon in a fair and expeditious manner. The Ethics Point™ website now offers an additional method to raise concerns about possible issues. Complaints, if preferred, may be made filed anonymously.

What to report? Reports might include situations, events or actions by individuals or groups that a person believes impact negatively on the Church’s well-being or are detrimental to morale, productivity, or personal safety. Frivolous or unfounded reports, however, do not help foster a positive workplace. If one is uncertain if a situation violates policy, is illegal or constitutes harassment or discrimination, please use Ethics Point™ to obtain clarification. We would much rather have questions addressed than let potential problems go unchecked. Ethics Point™ should not be used for immediate threats to life or property; these types of reports should be directed to 911.

How to report:

Access Ethics Point™ to report:
Toll free phone number for Ethics Point™ is 888-327-0102.

For computer Internet access (home, public library, neighbor, etc.)
Click on the Ethics Point™ link on the left and follow the following directions:
  1. Enter the name of the organization (Catholic Diocese of Lexington) for which you are submitting a report and select the correct option

  2. Click on the Violation Category that best describes the issue you are reporting

  3. Agree to the "Terms and Conditions" then complete the form

  4. Before submitting your report, create a password to follow-up on your report.

After submitting your report, you'll be assigned a report key. Your password and report key allow you to follow-up on your report.