Resources to Use With Youth

The following list contains resources from Catholic Relief Services that can be used with youth. There is also a link to USCCB's resources too. Have fun!

Food Fast-- Enhance your youth ministry with Food Fast, CRS's 24-hour hunger awareness retreat for Catholic youth. Click here for prayers, activities, and resources. Click here for Food Fast's main page.

Use CRS's Fair Trade Coffee partners for Fundraising for your youth group. Visit website here to see a list of their partners in fair trade coffee. Also, find CRS Fair Trade home page here.

Operation Rice Bowl-- Bringing the world into your classroom with CRS's Lenten program of prayer, fasting, learning, and giving. Lesson plans, videos, and more are available here. Yes this is a Lenten program, but it's worth taking a look at now, especially if your parish does not participate in ORB and you think you might want to start this Spring.

Catholics Confront Global Poverty-- Make your parish "a star on the solidarity map" by praying, learning, sharing, and advocating together for a more just and peaceful world. Click here for more information including specific issues relating to poverty. This information could come in handy for answering questions youth may have or for creating a talk that might accompany some of the poverty activities in other parts of this list.

Speakers-- Call 859-253-1993 x224 to inquire about speakers. We can connect you with someone local to speak on Catholic Social Teaching, Catholic Church's Social Mission, Social Justice, Global Solidarity, or CRS. Just let us know what topic you want covered.

Care for Creation-- The website here contains resources for schools, activities, and additional resources (including the St. Francis Pledge) all focused on the environment and how our social mission relates to preserving God's creation. We know this is a topic many youth care about it, but we need to make sure that they see that it relates to their Catholic faith as well.

Migration-- Visit website here to view resources and prayers relating to migration.

Peacebuilding-- The website here contains a link to a video and activities that explain what peacebuilding is and how students can be builders of peace in their communities and the world.

Solidarity-- Look at the website here to help young people understand and cultivate the Catholic social teaching principle of solidarity through these resources.

Water-- Something as simple as water plays a huge part in all our lives, but this is most apparent in villages where there is not a convenient source of water. Use these activities here to help your youth see how important water is for communities here and around the world.

World AIDS Day-- December 1 is World AIDS Day. Use the resources here to pray for and learn about our brothers and sisters who fall victim to HIV and AIDS throughout the world.

Immersion and Work Camp Experiences-- If you are looking to create a more involved justice experience, visit the website here to learn about how you can set up a service trip or a longer program at your parish, like J-Walking.

Advocacy-- Encourage your youth to sign up to receive alerts from Catholic Relief Services, The Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington Office of Peace and Justice, and The Catholic Conference of Kentucky to stay up-to-date on issues and concerns dealing with our faith and social mission. Also, we invite you and your youth to (drum roll, please) "Like" the Office of Peace and Justice on Facebook here!

USCCB Resources can be found here.