Parish Twining Program of the Americas

Parish Twining Program of the Americas works to build relationships between parishes in Haiti and in the US.  Each US parish participating is "twined" with a similar parish in Haiti.  Your parish adopts the Haitian one, supporting it in whatever ways they can.  There is no specific committment in terms of money or duration of your twining.  Your parish gives whatever it can.  PTPA provides a safe way to send any financial contributions and once a year organizes a goods shipment to Haiti, in which parishes can ship specific items, such as medicine or school supplies, to their specific sister parish.  In addition, if your parish wants to send a delegation to visit the parish in Haiti, PTPA accompanies them and makes most of the trip arrangements for you.  Despite offering these services, 100% of all donations go directly to the sister parish.

Although this seems like the Haitians receive everything in this set up and give nothing in return, this is not the case.  The Haitian parish stays in close contact with your parish, sending letters, photos, and prayer intentions.  This helps form a close relationship between the two parishes.  In addition, through these photos and letters, and two biannual accountability reports, your parish sees exactly how their donations are used, creating a very personal connection.  They also provide an opportunity for you to share the blessings your parish has received with a less fortunate parish and to live the Gospel message.

For more information on the Parish Twining Program of the Americas, contact Theresa Patterson, executive director at (615) 356-5999 or (e-mail) or write to:   Parish Twining Program of the Americas,  208 Leake Avenue, Nashville, TN 37205