Sponsor a Refugee Family

Refugees face tremendous odds. They are forced to flee the turmoil of their native country in search of a better life. Those lucky enough to get out, still face numerous challenges once they come to the United States. Simple tasks that we don't think twice about, becoming daunting challenges for the newly arrived refugee. A trip to the grocery store is complicated by not knowing where it is located, lack of transportation, lack of money and the sheer intimidation of walking into an American Super Mega store when all you have ever known is the local market. In addition, many of them are still struggling to master the English language, and face prejudice and stereotypes for not speaking it perfectly, despite their efforts and English as a Second Language classes. Fortunately your parish or organization can help such people out. Sponsoring a refugee family involves a broad range of aid, from donations of supplies and goods, providing transportation to church, English classes, etc., assisting them in finding jobs and apartments, and most of all showing them that there are people in their new culture who do care about them. While all this would be nearly impossible for one person to provide, it is an ideal situation for a community such as a parish.