Parish Social Ministry

Parish social ministry is the heart of Peace and Justice. It is the Parish that contains the modern day heroes of the faith. This page is equip with items to make starting, managing, and promoting a parish social ministry more accessible.
 Because of our faith, we serve others by caring for their needs. When possible, we want to prevent harm from coming to others as well. These resources will help seek the root causes which are keeping communities from receiving the dignity they deserve.  

We hope that local faith communities can help prevent harm that comes through drug misuse and abuse by taking some simple steps that will make a difference in preventing and reducing the extent of substance abuse in our state. The men and women in these faith communities will seek the root cause of poverty in their area and will prayerfully enact lasting change. We are excited to see how the Holy Spirit is wanting to use your parish, your school, and you to further His kingdom. In the words of Christ echoed by his servant Pope John Paul II, "Be not afraid."                                                                                                              (Catholics at the Capital)