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Diocesan Annual Appeal

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We are a diocese, a family in Christ, united by our common faith.  Our faith isn’t a private activity, alive only in our hearts.  It is a public thing, which calls out to be expressed.  The love of Christ motivates us to reach out to our sisters and brothers in need.  To comfort them when they are grieving, to feed them when they are hungry, to rejoice when they are healed.  But most of all our love cries out to be shared, to let everyone know that Jesus “is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE” [John 14:6].  To know in their hearts and minds that God sees each of us and loves each of us –  loves us in spite, or maybe because of, our weaknesses, our brokenness, our yearning to do good and be pleasing in His eyes. 

The Diocesan Annual Appeal (DAA) is a visible expression of our unity as the Body of Christ.  Each donation to the Annual Appeal is a sign that we believe in the Gospel message to “love one another as I have loved you” [John 15:12]. It is an affirmation of our belief that “faith without works is useless” [James 2:20].  It demonstrates that we believe that whatever you do to others, you do to Jesus.

The objective of the Appeal is to provide each Catholic family an opportunity to share their blessings with others.  Each family offering enhances our ability to provide for the physical and spiritual needs of persons who are vulnerable and in need.  The DAA connects us, unites us, and binds us together as a Diocesan family.

The Annual Appeal funding is distributed via a grant process, and provides vital support for parishes, missions of parishes, Catholic schools, outreach ministries and diocesan-wide programming.  Annual Appeal support differs from the Diocesan Assessment Tax, which provides funds for governance offices as mandated by church law such as the Chancery, Tribunal, and Archive offices.

The pledge kick off for the 2016 Annual Appeal is the last weekend of April and runs through December 31, 2016.