Diocesan Finance Council

Purpose and Membership

The diocesan Finance council is formed in accord with Canon 492, revised Code of Canon Law (1983) from individuals appointed by the Bishop and known to be of sound integrity and are diverse in their expertise of finance and civil law.  Each member will serve a term of five years and may be appointed for an additional five year term.
The Council meets three times yearly and is responsible for the annual diocesan budget, examination of annual expense and income reports for the diocese, and advising the Bishop on decisions relative to important acts of administration.

Diocesan Finance Council Members
  • Most Reverend John Stowe, Bishop Diocese of Lexington
  • Reverend Robert H. Nieberding, Vicar General
  • Debbie Swisher, Controller Secretariat for Stewardship
  • Pete Chiericozzi – Harrodsburg
  • Reverend Chris Clay, Lexington
  • Deacon Patrick Deluca - Versailles
  • Jane Fraebel - Lexington
  • Bob Patton – Lexington
  • Tom Ruby - Danville
  • John Stewart – Ashland
  • John Woolley - Corbin