Internet Safety Tips



The Internet is a very good way to gain knowledge and share information with others. Parental oversight, following good rules, and safety tips will help keep you safe.
1. It is best to discuss and set up rules with your parents for going online and using the Internet. Rules should include the times you are allowed to go online and the amount of time you can spend on the Internet.
2. Never give out personal information on the Internet such as your name, names of family members, home address, school name, social security number, or telephone number. This applies to Internet “chat rooms” and bulletin boards.
3. Don’t give out any passwords to anyone online, even your friends, without permission of your parents.
4. Never send a picture of yourself to anyone that you chat with or email without your parents’ permission.
5. Never post “inappropriate” pictures of yourself on the Internet. If a question, consult with your parents.
6. Tell your parents right away if you come across anything on the Internet that makes you feel uncomfortable or scared.
7. Never agree to meet someone you have chatted with online without the permission of your parents.
8. Never respond to emails or messages that are mean or make you feel uncomfortable – make your parents aware of any messages like that right away so they can contact the Internet Service Provider.
9. Always exercise courtesy and etiquette when communicating on the Internet. Avoid vulgar language and images. Everything you place on the Internet reflects directly back on you.
10. Always remember that someone you might be chatting with may not be who he/she says he/she is. Exercise caution when exchanging messages with people you do not know.